Tuesday 15 June 2021
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SvirskiWebs   The web submission and Webdesign
SvirskiMusic   Musicians and music management
SvirskiVisual   The Art of the Photography
SvirskiVisit   Free eCards
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NASA   The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Roscosmos   The Russian Federal Space Agency
ESA   The European Space Agency
CNSA   The China National Space Administration
ISRO   Indian Space Research Organisation
JAXA   The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Bloomberg.com   News
Reuters.com   News
Forbes.com   News
Tokyo SE   Tokyo stock exchange
London SE   London stock exchange
New York SE   New York stock exchange
NASDAQ SM   The NASDAQ stock market
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.   Mr. Warren Buffett's fund
Soros Trading.com   Mr. George Soros and Quantum fund
Cinema / Films
Tribeca Film.com   Mr. Robert De Niro's film company
Tehama Inc.com   Mr. Clint Eastwood's golfwear company
Malpaso Productions   Mr. Clint Eastwood's production company
Chal Productions Inc.   Mr. Al Pacino's production company
TriggerStreet   Mr. Kevin Spacey's production company
Jersey Films   Mr. Danny DeVito's film company
Appian Way Productions   Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio's production company
Music / Sound
Bobby McFerrin.com   Mr. Bobby McFerrin and "Don‘t worry, be happy"
Waldeck.at   Mr. Klaus Waldeck's site
Revox.ch   Equipment
Marshallamps.com   The amplifiers
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